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Skin care and beauty products are not created equal. What's inside really matters. Whether you're skin allergy sufferer or a health conscious consumer, we'll keep you up to date on the latest information on the ingredients in skin care products to live a healthier life.

SkinSAFE is a reliable source of information on beauty and skin care products listed by ingredients that tells you which products are safe to use. It's a better way to discover healthy skin care products and check to see if the ones you use are safe for your skin. Products are filtered based on what is best for you.


  • Easily search and browse thousands of products safe for your skin
  • Create a personalized list of your favorite products
  • Instantly scan products to see if they're healthy and safe for you
  • Quickly submit products not already rated by SkinSAFE
  • Avoid the top most common allergy-causing ingredients and filter out allergens you wish to exclude
  • Buy products directly from retailers
  • Get a Personal Allergy Code from your doctor to find products safe for your specific skin allergies

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